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Hi, I’m Mukoko Jelissa.
A freelance multidisciplinary designer based in Cameroon.

My journey to becoming a professional Designer began with a background in Business, specifically Accounting. My fascination with technology as a child and adult, as well as my inquisitive nature, pulled me from business to Web Design where I acquire some skills in basic web languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Over time, I found myself drawn to visual design (color, layout, typography, etc.) which eventually led me to Graphic Design. From Graphic Design, I discovered UX, a combination of design and user psychology, especially, the opportunity to put myself in the shoes of each potential end-user.

This challenging but rewarding journey has given me the edge I need to be the professional I am today, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve been a designer for a few years and consider myself fortunate to be able to call myself a passionate creative. As much as I love design, I am driven by a desire to provide solutions to individuals and businesses alike, from basic to complex problems. The goal is usually to convert intricate problems into simple consumable solutions, which also happens to be a continuous learning process.

Recently, I have been blessed to share my experience through workshops and creating tutorial videos for beginner designers and freelancers on my YouTube channel.